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Costa Rica

Airboat Expeditions of Costa Rica explores the tributaries of the Moin towards the channels of the Tortuguero, the Tarcoles River and the Caño Negro Nature Reserve in northern Costa Rica.

Airboat Expeditions New Year 2011

Wherever airboats have been put to work, they have shown to be highly successful. For this reason – and for the first time in Costa Rica – this company has begun operations targeting adventure tours in cooperation with Costa Rican travel agencies and tour companies.

The company’s airboats are brand new and feature the best available technology in safety and sound reduction. Designed with the same characteristics as those used in Disney World, these modern airboats represent great improvements over more traditional vessels. Most of all, they are environmentally friendly, drastically reducing impact on the area of operation. As there are no moving parts in the water, flora and fauna are protected from harm, in contrast to conventional boats. Requiring a depth of only a few inches of water to operate comfortably, airboats can take the eco-adventurer to places inaccessible to traditional boats. It is indeed possible to drive an airboat even over dry surfaces.

To Boldly Go Where No Tourist Has Gone Before

Airboat Expeditions guarantees an experience of the highest quality and safety, and at no time will guests be put in risky situations, as frequently happens when traditional craft get stuck in shallow waters.

The maximum capacity of each Airboat is 20 guests, plus guide and captain.

Commitment to the community sees the team participate in Community Support Programs, including work with the National Emergency Commission to rescue people at risk from floods or other natural disasters.

Río Grande de Tárcoles

Airboat Expeditions - Costa Rica

Airboat Expeditions - Costa Rica

In Tarcoles, airboats are based at the well-known Hacienda Nosavar, part of the Doka Estate bordering the river up to it’s mouth. The estate boasts a large restaurant catering to more than 300 guests, in which visitors can enjoy snacks & lunch, or simply take in the natural surroundings and the splendid river views.

Upon arrival at the dock, guests are greeted by their guides and captains who will take them on tour. The trip will have a minimum duration of an hour and a half in which a great variety of flora and fauna are observed. The airboats, thanks to their unique capabilities, take visitors to places never before seen by other tourists.

Airboat Expeditions’ offices are located only 45 minutes out of San Jose, in Central Santa Ana, alongside Pali, in front of Multirepuestos Santa Ana.

Location (from 11° 2′ 56″ N, 85° 44′ 14″ W to 8° 4′ 12″ N, 82° 53′ 50″ W)

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