2 rescued after airboat sinks


PARKLAND, Fla. — A woman’s 911 call led Coral Springs Police and Broward Sheriff fire rescue officials to a sunken airboat and two men left stranded in the swamp, Friday.

A BSO helicopter hovered about 30 feet above the two boaters around 4:30 p.m. as fire rescue officers lowered an orange supply bag to the two men, 12 miles Southwest of the boat ramp, which is located at 15490 Loxahatchee Road in Parkland. The men had a cooler that was blown into the water.

2 rescued after airboat sinks

2 rescued after airboat sinks

Officials were alerted to the incident after receiving a 911 call from the wife of one of the boaters. The woman said her husband had called to inform her that his airboat had taken on water and was beginning to sink. He also gave her their current location.

An airboat guided by the helicopter approached the sunken vessel shortly before 5 p.m. and rescued the boaters, taking them to dry land. Neither of the men suffered any injuries.



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