Fox stuck on the ice on Hudson River


Published: 12/23 3:37 pm
Updated: 12/23 10:48 pm

Police, animal control officers and the Albany Fire Department had a very unique rescue Thursday afternoon.

A gray fox somehow became trapped on the ice in the water under the Dunn Memorial Bridge. It had been there for hours.

An airboat from Averill Park was brought in to save the animal. Crews say the fox gave them a fight but were eventually able to put it in a crate.

“I think if we didn’t go the extra yard, we’d be criticized,” said Albany Fire Chief Robert Forezzi. “I hope everyone’s happy that we made the rescue, no one was injured, the public was never in any danger. I think its a good day.”

The fire chief says in his 30 years on the job he has never seen a situation like Thursday’s.

The fox seemed to be OK when emergency crews caught the critter. Crews on the scene say it will be taken in for evaluation.


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