airboat demonstration in Malaysia


posted: 17 January 2015
by: Bernama

Rawang, Malaysia – today, construction company ARD Technology Corporation Sdn Bhd, introduced an airboat that can be used as part of the assets in rescue operations during the flood season.

ARD Airboat Technology Corporation at Blue Lake near Greenwood in Kuala Lumpur

ARD Technology Corporation airboat at Blue Lake near Greenwood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Senior Manager, Datuk Mohamed Saffian Omar, said the airboat built by the Varley Group based in Australia, has the capacity to cross swamps, bogs and shallow waters, being able to carry payloads weighing up to one ton.

“This boat has no propulsion below the water line and uses a carbureted V8 engine with 450 horsepower, seen as the most practical design for us. It can move through wetlands only half a meter deep and through mangrove swamps.

We know that during the flood season, we sometimes have to go through areas where water levels vary greatly between high and low, even through villages, and therefore it was designed to be very flexible. It does not easily capsize and also has a reduced risk of snagging”, he explained.

He was speaking today, after a demonstration of the airboat for the representatives of the Ministry of Defence, in nearby Tasik Biru Rawang.

Mohamed Saffian said the boat had a maximum speed of 75 km per hour, could carry 10 to 12 people including two drivers, and the passenger seats could be removed when necessary, in order to carry cargo.

“This boat can also operate on land, as the bottom has a flat surface, which is Teflon coated in three specially designed layers, so that it is not easily damaged,” he said.

He said the technology and design of the boats have been used in Australia for 24 years and not only are they used in rescue operations, but also for tourism purposes.

Mohamed Saffian said the boats were also tested in Sungai Segamat, together with representatives from the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department.

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