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You want to charter an airboat?


We like airboats, too. That’s why we charter them out, and they are not for hire. You can’t just get one and joll around on your own, ok?
For that, you gonna have to buy one. Do that here!

Airboat charters are always fully equipped, so you’ll get a pilot and all the required safety equipment for the airboat.
But wait, there’s more: we’ll deliver airboat and crew to wherever you want in Southern Africa.
Really? Oh yes, anywhere in SADC, you can enjoy airboat rides for whatever you want to do.

Now what could you possibly want with an airboat?

To give you some tips, you could enjoy:

  • tourism, safaris, birdwatching, fishing, nature & wildlife conservation
  • film shoots, music videos, advertising, fashion, tv shows
  • gps mapping, bathymetry, water sampling, weed control & environmental management
  • flood relief, food distribution, medical evacuation, search & rescue
  • recovery, construction, cargo & personnel transport
  • law enforcement, border patrol, security services

Of course, you know best, and I’m sure you already have an idea….

Fill in this form – and remember: the more you tell us now, the quicker we’ll get back to you.

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