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Twin-engine airboat

Twin-engine airboat
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Wetland transporters designed to deploy a 4×4 vehicle and crew into any situation, the AirVundu™ range of airboats are twin-engine load carriers chucking out an incredible 894 NM of torque – twice! The marine grade all aluminium hull is aircraft riveted, fully decked and filled with rigid foam for buoyancy. 3/8″ polymer on bottom & sides provide maximum reliability even in the toughest conditions. Loading ramp for Land Rover, Toyota Hilux or Humvee with seating for 10 crew and 1 pilot, built Africa-tuff for anti-poaching, law enforcement, industrial transport and search & rescue operations.


What you want to know:

· Length overall 32’ 5½“ / 9,894 mm
· Hull Length 30’ / 9,144 mm
· Width 15’ / 4,572 mm

· Kerb weight 11,839 lbs / 5,370 kg
· Payload 8,642 lbs / 3,920 kg
· GVM 20,481 lbs / 9,290 kg

· Passengers 10 (2 benches x 5 seats)
· Pilots 1

· Engines 2 x 540 CID 650 HP / 485 kW = 1,300 HP / 970 kW
· Torque 2 x 660 lbs-ft / 894 NM = 1,320 lbs-ft / 1,788 NM

Different deck configurations provide capacities for applications such as law enforcement, transport and search & rescue.

And then?

The marine grade aluminium hull is aircraft riveted, fully decked over and packed with rigid GeoFoam blocks to provide buoyancy.
The bottom & sides are covered with UHMW polymer to protect the hull from scrapes and minimize the risk of punctures.
And because you never know, there is an automatic bilge system in there, too.

The entire superstructure is made of stainless steel, e.g. engine stands, seat packages and the prop cage.
All stainless steel metal work can be powdercoated upon request.

Now what?

Simple: Ask us about the AirVundu™.

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