Pearl River Airboat Adventures


The airboat has arrived in our town! I had the pleasure of taking a ride on the new airboat with Pearl River Airboat Adventures and it was a blast. Any initial apprehension and concerns that I may have had were soon replaced with excitement and sheer exhilaration once the boat launched from the Water Park. Overall, as a result of the driving skills of Captain Gary Blackwell and the navigation skills of First Mate David Dixon, it felt much safer than I had expected. Even the sweltering heat of summer quickly dissipated once the boat got moving and created a welcome breeze.

Pearl River Airboat Adventures

Pearl River Airboat Adventures

The views of the Pearl River were incredible and varied, ranging from sandy shores and sandstone bluffs to thick forests and riverfront camps. There were also waterfalls, creeks, sandbars, and islands along the way. The airboat effortlessly traversed both land and water, like an amphibious vehicle, as it winded up the river and straight onto and off the sandbars in its path, something that is impossible for a boat with an outboard motor to accomplish.

Parts of the ride were high speed romps through the river and other parts were leisurely and relaxing as we cruised and drifted. We saw an abundance of wildlife, and even stopped to search for mussels and found the pearls that the river is named after. It was truly an adventure to remember and highly recommended as an experience for you and your family to enjoy.

The airboat launches from the Water Park and takes riders on trips up the Pearl River to Red Bluff and beyond for sightseeing and wildlife tours. Gary and Vickie Blackwell, the new owners of the historic Round Table Restaurant, have purchased the $60,000 airboat in Central Florida. It features comfortable seating and is powered by a 496 Chevy big block engine with 425HP.

Pearl River Airboat Adventures is running on weekends and by appointment only, with half hour minimum tours.


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