Ama-Zinnggg Airboats… (powered by Airboat Afrika)

Are you ready for an exciting opportunity and a chance to contribute to the airboating spirit? Then you may just be the person we are looking for to join our expanding franchise network.

BoardingWho are we looking for in the Airboat Afrika Franchise Network?

The people we want to take part in the Ama-Zinnggg Airboats… franchise, powered by Airboat Afrika, are entrepreneurs aged 25+ who are prepared to work hard and are passionate, committed and dedicated. They have plenty of common sense, are logical thinkers and pay close attention to detail.

In terms of skills, the people we are looking for are multi-talented with good managerial skills. They are good at managing people, systems, sales and multi-tasking. They are organized, computer literate, and systems oriented.

You need to have practical business experience in your field of application (e.g. in the tourism and hospitality industry) and have the finances as well as the time to be an owner-operator.

If this sounds like you then please read on.

Advantages of the Ama-Zinnggg Airboats… Franchise

You will be getting involved with an exciting outdoors activity. The flexibility of this kind of airboat based operation will allow you a high degree of creativity in exploration and product creation.

Airboating being new to Africa, airboat services are a unique addition to what is commonly available, and as such confer an immediate market advantage.

As a franchisee we will assist you in finding or approving the site (if necessary), providing assistance with physical layout, systems, ongoing training, business support and analysis, and more.

Franchise Operations

Airboat Afrika provides tailor-made airboats & services for a range of applications including:
– Tourism Eco-Ventures, Safaris, Birdwatching
– Film & Fashion Shoots

– Search & Rescue, MedEvac, Food Distribution
– Nature & Wildlife Conservation
– Fishing
– Leisure
– Oil & Gas Exploration
– Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Security Services
– Industrial Transport

Franchise Areas

Airboat Afrika is franchising in designated locations across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

More about Ama-Zinnggg Airboats… (powered by Airboat Afrika)

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be wondering about the obvious two questions: How? And How Much?
When you’re ready to find out details, answer a few questions – we’d like to get to know you a little – and then proceed to ask for the [popup url=”″ height=”600″ width=”800″ scrollbars=”0″ ]Franchise Prospectus[/popup].

Have you got what it takes? Then ask for the [popup url=”″ height=”600″ width=”800″ scrollbars=”0″ ]Initial Franchise Application Form[/popup].

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