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Birdingfishinggame watchinggreat lakes, shallow rivers and marshy wetlands are terrain more suited to wings and fins rather than feet and wheels. Fortunately, there is a way to move about, merely skimming the water’s surface, parting the marsh grasses and lily clusters like a motorized, down-South Moses.

These days, you won’t have to cross any oceans to experience the closest commercial airboat ride. They’re already available in Southern Africa. To check the rates for airboat rides, go here. To charter an airboat, go here.

If you’re part of the overlander crowd and like the far away places, have a look at airboat rides (there on the left) and then make your way to Senegal or Tanzania.

We want you, your buddy, your boss and your favorite uncle to enjoy airboats. For that, you’ll have to have one. Go here to get your airboat.

Private game lodges, hotels, guest houses, safari operators and tourism service providers – email us to find out more about how you can stay ahead of your competitors and get an airboat. Somebody’s going to get there first!

National or provincial parks, conservation authorities, wildlife researchers – find out how an airboat can help you help the environment here.

And everyone and anyone – Help us to make sure this section of Airboat Afrika will forever evolve and grow:

  • All airboat rides available to the public will be displayed here free of charge – and linked to as available. Once your airboat is up and running, email us here and get linked!
  • Below, you’ll get a selection of the coolest sites were airboats should be. Possibilities are, of course, pretty much unlimited. If you want us to add something, email us here.


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