Airboat Afrika Company has received invaluable help from many people. We gladly extend our gratitude to all those who did, and continue to, generously share their knowledge and expertise.

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The Advanced Text Widget has extensive conditional options to display content on pages, posts, specific categories etc. It supports regular HTML as well as PHP code. This widget is an extension of Daiko’s Text Widget by Rune Fjellheim.

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WP reduces image file sizes and improve performance using the API within WordPress.

WP Super Cache provides very fast caching plugin for WordPress.


First and formost – a great thank you to Faron Floyd from American Airboats, Inc. The FAQ section on their site has enabled me to structure my thought process and became the basis for the first page I wrote here: about airboats.

Tim Bryson in Nebraska, USA runs Bryson’s Airboat Tours – thanks for your input, Tim.

Boggy Creek Airboat Rides operate two sites near Orlando, Florida in the US. Michelle had a lot of time for me and she really knows something about running a tight ship: thank you, Michelle.

Matteo Passoni in Gorgonzola / Milano, Italy, has been most gracious to share material from used by the coast guard and fire department. Great pix from airboats in Venice. Grazie Mille, Matt.


There are so many here – I’ll mention the major contributors like huntingbigun’s and Nomad41, together with my heartfelt gratitude to all who enjoy airboats and took the time to upload their images to the world wide web.


I love Youtube! You can see all our playlists on the video page, or go straight to Airboat Afrika’s Youtube Channel and see all our favorites and friends there.

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