10 Best Airboating Spots in Africa

10 Bangweulu Wetlands | Zambia | Northern Province

Why at no. 10? Not the Cameron Brothers’ fault. Yet, as incredible, breathtaking, fantastic and far out as it is – that’s exactly why. Long, difficult access & bring everything you need. What you didn’t bring, you won’t have. Or get. Like petrol… The upside: you’re all alone with the wildlife. Totally.

Kariega River

Kariega River

9 Kariega River | South Africa | Eastern Cape

Who’s ever been boating to the Eastern Cape – and doesn’t live there? Stunning riverscapes meander into the heart of the southern wilderness, surrounded by the most colorful birdlife on display.

8 Gambia River | The Gambia

Gambia – The Gambia – a river, a country and a rich display of African cultures make for the airboat trip of a lifetime in this English-speaking enclave on Africa’s west coast. Discover bustling villages, game reserves and rich birdlife along the river’s shores.

Breede River | South Africa | Western Cape

Brief, but intense: the wide, tidal rivermouth hides more than one surprise, the Bull Sharks being only one of them. The historic cable-drawn punt near Malagas and the Bontebok National Park further upstream are gems to relish on the safest of all airboat trips you can take.

6 Luangwa River | Zambia

One of the many tributaries to the might Zambezi, much of the Luangwa Valley is a National Park. Tons of hippos & some of the biggest crocs I’ve ever seen.

Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta

5 Okavango River & Delta | Angola – Namibia – Botswana

The river which never finds the sea – the Okavango River and its Delta are one of the world’s must see wildlife destinations. But careful, government controls access and doesn’t allow just anyone to fool around. Get yourself sorted out properly or you’re in for serious trouble.

4 Rufiji River | Tanzania

Roughing it on the Rufiji. This airboat exploration takes you from pristine coastal Mangrove forests past fishing villages into the wilderness of the Selous Game Reserve. Survivors of the downstream hardships get to enjoy 5-star luxury game lodges & safaris.

3 Lake Malawi | Malawi – Mozambique – Tanzania

One of the largest & deepest lakes in the world, Lake Malawi remains a secret to be unveiled. The southern islands harbor some of the world’s most unbelievable diving spots. The lake is a paradise for chichlids, making Malawi a geological & evolutionary treasure. Plus, some fun to be had when you stay at the Gecko Lounge…

2 Cunene River / Rio Cunene | Angola – Namibia
Elephant on Zambezi River

Elephant on Zambezi River

The Cunene offers 2 airboat options: Cunene Lite between the Ruacana and Epupa Falls includes long, tranquil stretches of water as well as several heart-stopping rapids. The grown-ups only part takes you into the Kaokoveld to the Atlantic Ocean, straight through the deadly deserts of Namibia. Crocs are notoriously bad here, and any problem you could have is always serious. Before you go here, you better know what you’re doing.

1 Zambezi River | Zambia – Angola – Namibia – Botswana – Zimbabwe – Mozambique

Size does Matter! I won’t go and airboat down Vic Falls, but along the 3000+ km of Africa’s only major river draining into the Indian Ocean you find more than a dozen National Parks and the most prolific wildlife, birding & fishing you could wish for. I’d just go easy on the diving bit: almost everything around here is big with a lotta teeth.

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