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Congo (DRC) – Zambia

Lake Mweru (also spelled Mwelu) is a freshwater lake on the longest arm of Africa’s second-longest river, the Congo. Located on the border between Zambia and Democratic Republic of the Congo, it makes up 110 km of the total length of the Congo, lying between its Luapula River (upstream) and Luvua River (downstream) segments.

Lake Mweru, although off the beaten track, is worth a visit. The lake has spawned a dynamic population, rich in culture, fervent in trade and colorful in nature. The area is almost a microcosm of what Tropical Africa could be if left to its own devices. Tourist facilities, however are limited to a few ‘guesthouses’ of varying standards.

Water temperatures range from 21° C to 29° C, while air temperatures range from 27.5° C to 35° C. The lake is chemically very fertile and contributes substantially to the fishing industry in Zambia.

Lake Mweru is seldom visited but breathtakingly beautiful and an ideal base for exploring the lesser-known areas of Zambia. Take the ferry to one of the lake’s islands, Kilwa and Isokwe. Or just explore the coastline and visit the local villages.

Tourist facilities are limited to a few guest houses of varying standards and visitors should bring all the equipment they need because little is provided for travellers. Having said that, this area is developing quickly so it’s a good idea to check what is happening before you head out here.

This area of Zambia represents a real challenge if you want to explore it. Check with the authorities before you set out. If you accept the challenge it can provide a very special experience.

Lake Mweru - Boat on the Luapula River



Location (9° 10′ S, 28° 30′ E)

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